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I N D I A N  C A T E R E R S

                                                         Catering & Housekeeping Services

                                                                      HOUSEKEEPING  SERVICES


Daily up keeping of the guesthouse premises.
Periodical deep cleaning.
Providing guest amenities, toiletries -handsoap, shampoo, toilet roll, glass covers, paper napkins, DND card, scrubbing pads etc.
Changing of bath towels, napkins.
Changing of linen.
Laundry services.
Maintenance follows up. 

DAILY CLEANING                                                                                     Cleaning of room, passages, dining room, living room, and all areas of the guesthouse.                                                                                 Providing of dis-infective in the toiletries and air freshening materials.                                                                                 Maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene through out the guesthouse.                                                                                     The complete premises will be thoroughly cleaned every day.             Special cleaning as & when required.



Dusting and wiping of all furniture shelves etc.

Washing down, cleanings disinfecting of all floors, corridors, steps

and common areas.

Removing all garbage and replace cleaned bins with liners Garbage’s will betaken to designated area from where Client will arrange for it to be disposed.

Clean all pantries. kitchens, sinks, freezers, refrigerators etc. daily.

Clean all doors and windows regularly. However cleaning of windows would be only from inside.

Wipe down all interior walls and keep clean.

Dusting and vacuuming carpets regularly.

Regularly clean and sanitize all work areas.

P C monitors would be dusted down with vacuum.

Special  cleaning

At actual cost to be borne by the CLIENT subject to prior approval.