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I N D I A N  C A T E R E R S

                                                     Catering & Housekeeping Services 


The Contractor shall abide by the rules and regulations, which the client may from time to time or adopt for the care , protection and administration of the Canteen and the General Welfare and comfort the Visitors CLIENT's and it’s Guest.

The Contractor will fulfill all the requirement of statutory provision of Minimum Wages Act, Contract Labour( Regulation & Abolition ) Act and other Labour laws applicable to his job at his own risk and cost in respect of persons employed by him. The Contractor shall maintain the records required to be maintained under various laws and the authorized representative of the client indemnified against all such risks.

The Contractor shall take insurance policies for sufficient amount to cover himself against third party Workman’s compensation etc, and will keep the client indemnified against all such risks.

The Contractor will withdraw immediately any of his employees. who in the opinion of the Client are undesirable and the decision of the CLIENT's official in this regard shall be final and binding on the Contractor and all such removal shall be at the expenses of the Contractor and replace them without delay.

The Contractor shall at all times observe and comply with the safety rules and regulation of CLIENT and shall carry out the work in accordance with these rules and regulation. Contractor will nominate the unit in-charge who will be responsible for the day to day operations at Client site who can be contacted at any time / hours.