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I N D I A N  C A T E R E R S

                                                 Catering & Housekeeping Services

                                                                   FOOD & BEVERAGE  SERVICES

INDIAN CATERERS will provide and maintain a professional and efficient catering services at canteen.                                               By deploying sufficient number of trained, experience competent production and service personnel. 

We will be responsible for procurement of raw materials and ingredients.  


Meals and food required will be hygienically cooked using best ingredients to Ensure wholesome nutritious and tasty meals.

We will ensure necessary measures that the food is protected against  contamination by  maintaining high standards of sanitation practices and personal hygiene.

We shall employ trained staff and endeavor to maintain the services to full satisfaction. 

All staff will be in clean & neat uniforms appropriate for their duties. 

We shall ensure a high standard of personnel hygiene of our staff.

A senior staff will be deputed to oversee the operations and Co-ordinate with the management.

For all occasions like seminars, meetings, and conferences within the premises of Client site would be exclusively catered to by INDIAN CATERERS


Parties and other celebration can be catered to with an advance notice.  

We would be responsible for service of food and non-alcoholic beverages.Efficient and prompt services will be provided to all.

Service of items other than the items mentioned in the schedule of rates as may be desired by the CLIENT from time to time for which the rates will be decided on the agreeable terms.